Why Write This Blog?

We strongly, genuinely believe that everyone deserves to know the basics of personal finance and if we can help with that by giving advice or telling our cautionary tales of mistakes, then that’s what we’re here for.

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Whistle While You Work

Even as a young kid, I liked to organize and clean out my things. I’d spend hours pulling apart the medicine closet or the garage to discard things forgotten or spoiled. My room was spotless and I would extend that to each corner of the house as much as my parents would let me. I... Continue Reading →

Understanding Expected Outcomes

Understanding Expected Outcomes A recent accident has caused me to think more deeply about a topic that I believe is often overlooked, but plays a massive role in our day to day. Let’s get a little philosophical. Think for a moment about what you currently assume to be true about the outcome of your life.... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock the Clock Don’t Stop

Boot camp time. I’ve had several conversations recently with folks regarding work, and I can’t help but suspect that there is some self-convincing going on. They say things like “Oh, I like my job, I’ve just accepted that I will need to work for a long time” or “Yeah, I don’t mind working”. Often, these... Continue Reading →

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