Why Write This Blog?

After listening to countless warnings about not writing anything on the internet, here we are, putting it all out there for you to read. Why? Questions. An influx of questions to us and a desire to ask more questions to you.

Over time, we’ve noticed that a growing number of unprompted friends, family, coworkers, and near strangers asking us what we would do with whatever money situation they are facing. Even if we don’t think we talk about money often, we know our values seep into conversations and others notice. We may get questions ranging from what to do with student debt to how to invest their first $1000 to what to do with taxes or a trust fun. The questions run the gamut, but each time, we’re intrigued because the person asking it is trying to do the best with what they have and get more information to make more informed decisions. We strongly, genuinely believe that everyone deserves to know the basics of personal finance and if we can help with that by giving advice or telling our cautionary tales of mistakes, then that’s what we’re here for.

And then there’s you all – our community unseen. We often wondered if we were the only ones struggling with feeling like we could never really fit in or give our honest opinion because of our beliefs or what we were trying to accomplish in our lives since it was radically different from those around us. By some miracle of the internet, we found you all and now you’ve found us. The FI’ers, the MMM’ers, the ones seeking to live financially free in service of living their lives more freely in general. We have a lot to ask you because if there’s one consistent thing we’ve seen in these communities, it’s ceaseless innovation to do things differently. This will be a place where you laugh at us, disagree with us, and straight up want to tell us how wrong we are, but it will also be a place of encouragement, accountability, and comfort. That’s what being a community means – we are all in.


So here it is, the blog that might not have been, but was nudged along each time by someone in our lives, including you. Welcome, this is the space where you belong. See you in the comments 😉

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