We are a mid 30’s couple living in one of the most expensive places in the United States. Even in the face of the highest healthcare costs, highest real estate costs, and significant peer pressure to live a life of wanton spending, we are pursuing financial independence with a passion. This blog is to give a fresh view on what it takes to become financially independent. We try to limit the personal information we post on this site because ultimately it isn’t about us. It is to inspire, guide, and relate to those who share a similar goal to ours – to achieve financial independence in the face of significant challenges. Our family and friends don’t know about our goals, but we invite you to join us on this journey and we hope that you will be inspired to seek your own form of independence, whatever that may be.

Why FI up High?

Why FI Up High – we’ve mostly lived at least a mile above sea level, so it just seemed to make sense. We have family and friends in this little mountain town of ours and Ms. FIUH was born and raised here. When thinking about designing our lifestyle, we wanted to have easy access to wilderness with a variety of athletic activities. Living in a mountain town also means that our community enjoys those activities as well and it bonds us. Sure we lose the convenience of many things a city has to offer, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. That means we sometimes still get snowed in, have to borrow a chainsaw from our neighbor, and spend a few months in a lot of snow, but it also means we get to hike/bike/ski before work, enjoy peace and quiet out of our door, and live in a place where employers encourage their employees to get outside and balance their work with some serious playtime.


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