Whistle While You Work

Even as a young kid, I liked to organize and clean out my things. I’d spend hours pulling apart the medicine closet or the garage to discard things forgotten or spoiled. My room was spotless and I would extend that to each corner of the house as much as my parents would let me. I... Continue Reading →

Understanding Expected Outcomes

Understanding Expected Outcomes A recent accident has caused me to think more deeply about a topic that I believe is often overlooked, but plays a massive role in our day to day. Let’s get a little philosophical. Think for a moment about what you currently assume to be true about the outcome of your life.... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock the Clock Don’t Stop

Boot camp time. I’ve had several conversations recently with folks regarding work, and I can’t help but suspect that there is some self-convincing going on. They say things like “Oh, I like my job, I’ve just accepted that I will need to work for a long time” or “Yeah, I don’t mind working”. Often, these... Continue Reading →

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