Why don’t we share regular net worth updates? We share ideas, accomplishments, and encouragement; all of which we hope will help you on your path to financial independence, but we think that our net worth is anecdotal in comparison to the ideologies and mindset we have and what we want to focus on. We also firmly believe that everyone’s path to Financial Independence is going to be different and that it’s their own interpretation of the ideas that resonate with them that is going to make them successful. Sure, we can, and will, share financial and net worth updates every now and then so that you can see we’re legitimate people (instead of AI chat bots) trying to be held accountable to our own goals, but our focus is going to be talking about what’s working for us to get us closer to FI and engaging in the conversations that this blog will bring about with you all.

What’s worked for us in this last decade has gotten us closer than ever to being Financially Independent, with nearly $1 million dollars in 10 years. This is taking into consideration the $60,000 worth of grad school tuition, part-time work for 5 years, cross-country moves, and countless other “setbacks” that could have derailed us. Through our experiences, we know that even if our net worth was halved tomorrow due to a market crash, or some unseen economic time bomb lurking in the ether, we like to believe that the behaviors, mental approach, and actions that we have developed over the past 10 years (or since childhood really) and about which we write on this blog, will lead us to remain disciplined and pragmatic with our investments and spending habits. We don’t wish for a market crash, we don’t wish for stock to “go on sale” (although we’ll take it if it happens). We wish that the experiences, stories, and rants on this blog will, even if only for a minute, help us to remember that the mindset we have in place will be our anchor. It has weathered us through the Recession and if tested again, it would remain the same. Being steadfast and disciplined is what will get you to a better place but more importantly, it is what will keep you there.

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