Resources We Enjoy


A collection of the finer treatise on financial independence and personal growth that we’ve found, in no particular order.


Tim Ferris interviews Debbie Millman:


The first 30 or so podcasts from J David Stein are informative and insightful. I highly recommend them to get a foundational understanding of macro economics and investment principles:


#Obligatory JL Collins Stock Series. A MUST READ for any aspiring FI’er:


More as a source of entertainment, Reddit FI isn’t just for when you feel like reading posts that start with “I’m 22 and my startup just went public and I have XXmillions of stock, what should I do to be FI?” There are some smart, awesome folks here, but often you must dig through the comments to find the real “gold”:


In case you haven’t heard of him, here is the best-anti-consumer-and-environmentally-aware-but-disguised-as-a-finance-blog on the internet: Mr. Money Mustache:




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